Richa Chadha: I thought I was getting married to Ali at 9 in the morning today: Richa Chadha | Hindi Movie News


It was reported recently that a ‘monsoon wedding’ was on the cards for Richa Chadha and Ali Fazal. However, when we caught up with the actress in Pune ahead of Valentine’s Day, she did not only vehemently deny these rumours, but also looked a bit amused by them. “Last I heard, I was getting married to Ali at 9 in the morning and at 4 pm today, but then the marriage got called off. So between that time, I don’t know what I did for my marriage to get cancelled,” she joked, adding, “Somebody printed our fake wedding card as well, and it was very creative too, with roses as background.”

“Next, people can come up with interfaith names for our children,” Richa, who started dating Ali five years ago, after they on the sets of Fukrey, continued. “I request them to come up with some donation money for our children’s schooling too, because education is very expensive now,” she added.

She said that apart from marriage, she had no Valentine’s Day plans with Ali either. “I’ll be drawing hearts around my cats, and will go out on a walk with them. I think if you are in a healthy relationship, then every day is Valentine’s Day,” she said.

However, despite their healthy and happy relationship, she added that she refrains from praising Ali too much “because it will go to his head.”
“However, to be honest, he is so cool! We are so much alike in the sense of our ethics, opinions, and share similar values,” she elaborated, while adding, “Whenever we plan our wedding, we’ll be the first one to announce it.”

Richa helps man injured on Mumbai-Pune expressway

Richa, who was nursing a leg injury when we met her, said that it happened on her way to Pune on Thursday. While driving down the Mumbai-Pune expressway, the actor witnessed a freak accident and stopped her car to help the victim who was severely injured in the crash. She then called an ambulance, and while helping the man, she ended up falling on the road and injuring herself.

Richa told us, “The Mumbai-Pune expressway is dangerous and I always avoid travelling on it in the night. Shabana ji was injured here too and I’d be very cautious from now on, while travelling via this route.”

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