Liam Hemsworth With “Mystery Girl” in New York !!!!!

Looks like we already know the identity of Liam’s new mystery girl, thanks to TMZ. I knew something about her looked familiar, because it turns out this blonde-haired beauty is actually actress Maddison Brown aka Kirby Anders on The CW’s Dynasty.The show airs at 9 p.m. Fridays, so you can literally get a closer look at her on your television tonight!

Remember a couple of days ago when sources claimed Liam Hemsworth hasn’t dated anyone since breaking up with Miley Cyrus but is definitely “open to meeting people”? Yeah, well, things have changed and it looks like Liam has found said people.

TMZ just dropped a bunch of exclusive pics of Liam walking around New York City’s West Village neighborhood with a ~mystery woman~, and yes, they are most certainly holding hands. And guess what there’s picture evidence!

Mystery Girl

This is the first anyone’s heard of Liam dating in the wake of his split from Miley Cyrus back in August, while she’s been a *lot* more public about her love life. Since the breakup, Miley’s been seen PDA’ing her way around Italy, New York, and Los Angeles with Kaitlynn Carter and now she’s publicly dating Australian singer Cody SimpsonMiley has been super open about the whole thing and reminded fans that just because all this is pretty public doesn’t make it anyone’s business.

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