Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker Staring Out Of A Police Car Is Internet’s Favourite Meme

For a long time Heath Ledger’s turn as Batman’s arch-nemesis was considered to be the quintessential Joker performance. And Jared Leto kind of proved it. However, Joaquin Phoenix has put a question mark on that notion by putting on yet another iteration of the iconic make-up in Todd Phillips’ award-winning Joker.

Now, anyone with even a sliver of knowledge about movies that Joker had subtle and not-so-subtle references to Taxi DriverThe King of Comedy, and The Dark Knight. But someone thought they were smarter than everyone else on the internet and was burdened with glorious purpose of enlightening them with their knowledge. And so they did.

If taken out of context, yes, that might be a tip-of-the-hat to Ledger’s seminal performance. But when take in context, it isn’t because Ledger’s Joker was escaping in a police vehicle while Joaquin’s Joker was being taken to the station. Nevertheless, the over-smartness of the Twitter user started a meme revolution of sorts and the results were hilarious.

Joker is a fantastic movie but one that I didn’t think would be meme worthy. But here we are.

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