Here is why women feel famished during their monthly cycle

The monthly period can turn your internal rhythms upside down. You will suddenly start feeling moody, irritated and your cravings for unhealthy food will take a major leap. An increase in appetite is common before and during your monthly menstrual cycle. It is obvious to think that compulsive eating is a result of hormonal changes, but some other reasons also affect your food choices.
The reason
Before your regular monthly cycle, your estrogen and progesterone levels go up and then they suddenly drop off just before the period, which increases your appetite.

Experts suggest that often this hunger is for more carb and sugar. As per theories, women get irritated and crancky during this time and it has been found that eating chocolate can increases serotonin and dopamine levels, which lift the mood.

But this is not all, an increase in appetite during periods is also related to your psychology.

People generally few worse during periods and so they feel that it is alright to get indulge in unhealthy food items once in a month. So, they eat more unhealthy food items to make themselves feel good.

When is it troublesome

If your compulsive eating continues after your period then it can be due to an eating disorder and you need to meet an expert. Compulsive eating at times can even indicate premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD), which can cause other issues like depression and mood changes.


Tips to prevent it

There are several ways to prevent yourself from compulsive eating. The first one to become aware of is the amount and types of food you are eating. Try to make healthy food choices and include complex carbohydrates in your diet before and during periods.


Periods can also make you feel sad and automatically you reach out for unhealthy food. Brisk walk and other moderate physical activity can help to boost your mood.

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