Alicia Keys’ Son Makes Over $400 Selling Boxes to Michael B. Jordan

The price to beat for Zoë Saldana and Marco Perego was $190, which is what Michael B. Jordan paid Egypt for the boy’s initial creation

Egypt Daoud might have a future in real estate!

In a behind-the-scenes clip shared exclusively with PEOPLE from the set of Alicia Keys‘ visual for her new single “Show Me Love,” the then-8-year-old mini entrepreneur comes up with a “creative” idea that makes him a few bucks from some of the big stars on set.

“He’s always trying to figure out ways to increase his financial situation,” the singer, 38, praises her older child. (She and husband Kasseem “Swizz Beatz” Dean are also parents to son Genesis Ali, 4½.)

After Egypt witnesses the intricacies going into his mom’s video set. He gets inspired to turn a cardboard box into a house of his own. Complete with an elevator — and sell it for a major profit after working on it for two days.

The lucky buyer of Egypt’s initial creation? None other than actor Michael B. Jordan, who was one of the major stars to appear in his mom’s new video.

“I’m gonna give you an extra 20 [dollars] if you sign it for me,” the Black Panther star, 32, tells Egypt as the youngster munches on a chocolate-covered snack.

After the designer obliges for his customer, Jordan forks over $190. Their agreed-upon base price of $150, plus $20 extra for Egypt’s autograph and even a $20 tip.

Alicia Keys’ Son Makes Over $400 Selling Boxes to Michael B. Jordan

“You remember this moment,” Keys tells her son after the big sale, laughing and attempting to kiss his cheek.

And while the young businessman vowed to stop at one house. He quickly found another pair of buyers on set for a differently designed abode. Zoë Saldana and her husband Marco Perego. (The couple star in the video with Jordan, where they all act out the different “emotional journeys” that occur in relationships.)

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