31 Unique Pouffes And Ottomans To Level Up Your Home Decor

1. Round PSYGN pouffe (₹2,596)

Psygn / Via 

Mid-century modern design, child-friendly, in a tan colour with a gold brass finish, and comfortable cushioning.

2. Florishkart Rajasthani muda (₹549)

Florishkart / Via 

Made of traditional embroidered and printed cotton fabrics and bamboo.

3. Khati pouffe (₹2,311)

Khati / Via

Blue-and-white with embroidery, exuding Parisian-chic.

4. Sterling foldable ottoman storage box and stool (₹549)

Sterling / Via 

Made of cotton and MDF, with red-and-white stripes and padded seating that can seat up to 50 kg.

5. Nestroots pouffe (₹1,595)

Nestroots / Via 

Bohemian yet elegant, made of printed cotton with four wooden legs.

6. Mustard Tanishkam pouffe (₹923) 

Made of knitted cotton.

7. Assymetric PSYGN Pouffe (₹2,796)

Psygn / Via 

Asymmetric mid-century modern design, child-friendly, in black with a gold brass finish, and comfortable cushioning.

8. Tied Ribbons faux fur pouffe (₹1,399)

Tied Ribbons / Via

Made of luxe white faux fur with wooden legs.

9. Columbus First Furniture pouffe (₹2,200)

Columbus First Furniture / Via 

Made of sleek black leatherette.

10. Yellow and teal MIB ottoman pouffe (₹2,499):

MIB / Via 

Eco-friendly (made of a recycled tyre and dyed cotton ropes) with under-seat storage.

11. Bharath mudda (₹699)

Bharath / Via 

Lightweight, eco-friendly, and made of bamboo.

12. Assymetric PSYGN pouffe (₹2,796)

Psygn / Via 

Mid-century modern design, child-friendly, in an emerald colour with a gold brass finish, and comfortable cushioning.

13. Obasix foot stool (₹1,560)

Obasix / Via 

Made of natural pine and ideal for under desk use.

14. Denim blue HomeStrap pouffe (₹699)

HomeStrap / Via 

Made of canvas and filled with low-density beans.

15. Tanishkam pouffe (₹1,599)

Tanishkam / Via 

Made of cotton with a beautiful leaf print and calwood legs.

16. Tanishkam Décor hand-woven pouffe (₹2,499)

Tanishkam / Via

Rustic and bohemian, made of cotton, with wooden legs.

17. Round PSYGN pouffe (₹2,695)

Psygn / Via 

Mid-century modern design, child-friendly, in a hot pink colour with a gold brass finish and comfortable cushioning.

18. Ikiriya cushioned stool (₹1,999)

Ikiriya / Via 

Made of multicolour Kantha work and sheesham wood legs.

19. Multicolour Pushkar cane stools (₹1,100)

Pushkar / Via 

Get the set of two here.

20. Orange SIWA Style Barrel round pouffe (₹2,925)

SIWA / Via 

Made with a wood frame, a PU foam seat, and polyester fabric upholstery. Available in six colours.

21. Elegants pouffe (₹500)

elegants / Via 

Fluffy, two-toned, and coffee-coloured.

22. Gunee muda (₹595)

Gunee / Via 

Eco-friendly and made of high-quality cane.

23. Khati Joypop Brix bench (₹5,447)

Khati / Via 

Made of wood and cotton and available in four colours.

24. Maroon square SIWA pouffe (₹1,999)

SIWA / Via 

Made of faux leather and available in four colours.

25. SWHF knitted cotton pouffe (₹1,299)

SWHF / Via 

Available in grey, red, navy blue, and bottle green.

26. Encasa round floor cushion (₹698)

Encasa / Via 

Made of 100% cotton and available in multiple dimensions and eighteen different colours.

27. LakhanPal folding ottoman (₹1,099)

LakhanPal / Via 

Comes in multiple colours and has ample storage.

28. JS Home Decor stool (₹1,399)

JS Home Decor / Via 

Made of sheesham rosewood with a dark walnut finish.

29. Sterling foldable ottoman (₹620)

Sterling / Via 

Has ample storage, multiple uses, and is available in five solid colours.

30. Sprugal foldable ottoman (₹499)

Sprugal / Via 

Comes with a beautiful vintage postal print and ample storage space.

31. Tanissh pouffe (₹1,099)

Tanissh / Via 

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