Bahrain to sink Boeing 747 for underwater theme park. Read details here

Image posted on Instagram by Dive Bahrain.

Image posted on Instagram by Dive Bahrain.

Are you a water baby? If yes, this piece of news will make you really happy. The Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions Authority (BTEA), during a press conference on June 10 at Diyar Al Muharraq, announced that it will launch the world’s largest underwater theme park in August. But hold, on. We haven’t told you the real deal as yet.

In order to make the underwater park one of a kind, a Boeing 747 aircraft will be submerged into it. Spanning an area of 1,00,000 square metres, the 70-metre long aircraft will be the major attraction of the park.

So as to submerge the aircraft with the required procedures in place, authorities concerned, ordered a specialised team to carry out the job. In fact, “all possibly-toxic substances” were removed from the aircraft ahead of its submersion to preserve the marine environment.

As per Zayed bin Rashid Al Zayani, Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, the decommissioned Boeing 747 is the “largest ever to be submerged”. Those interested in visiting the park, will be able to do so through licensed diving centers by August, according to a statement released on the website DIVE BAHRAIN.

“The new theme park will undoubtedly emerge as a global tourist attraction. The world-class project covers an extensive area, and will provide an unforgettable experience for both tourists and diving enthusiasts alike. This initiative also aims to revive the Kingdom’s marine ecosystem and to preserve the local marine environment by incorporating international environmental standards,” he said.

Apart from the aircraft, the park wil also feature a replica of a traditional Bahraini pearl merchant’s house, artificial coral reefs and other sculptures fabricated from eco-friendly material, as per the statement.

Researchers who visit the underwater theme park will be able to obtain information on marine ecology while the project will also help in raising awareness about preserving underwater habitat.

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