Celebrities who lost a child

It has been said that losing a child can be the worst kind of pain ever inflicted on a parent. No one knows that better than the following celebrities, who each lost a child through one tragic circumstance after the next. Read on to learn more about these truly heartbreaking events.

John Travolta and Kelly Preston’s eldest son, Jett, died at the age of 16 while the family was vacationing at their home in the Bahamas in 2009. Rumors swirled over the cause of Jett’s death; his official death certificate eventually concluded that he died after suffering a seizure. Speaking to BBC News in 2014, Travolta confessed he “didn’t know if [he] was going to make it” after Jett’s death, adding that it was the people of Scientology who ultimately helped him to recover, emotionally. “They didn’t take a day off, working through different angles of the techniques to get through grief and loss, and to make me feel that finally I could get through a day,” he said.


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