5 beauty products you can make at home and don’t need to buy!

Looking flawless without hitting the salon or using expensive products is an art. If you want to look drop-dead-gorgeous, but don’t want to invest in too many products or time, then we’ve got you covered. Here are five products you can make at home:



Don’t want to spend money on a high-end highlighter? Use a lip gloss instead. Any clear lip gloss can work as a highlighter. Dab on the cheekbones to get a natural glow. You can also mix a bit of coconut oil with shimmer pigment to make your own DIY highlighter.


Lip scrub

If your lips are dry and flaky, make your own scrub at home using petroleum jelly and sugar. It will help to smooth the lips.


BB cream

If you want to go for a light make-up base for summers, you can mix a bit of moisturiser with liquid or powder foundation to make your own BB cream at home.


Brush cleansers

If you want to clean your make-up brushes without investing in a solution, then you can use your regular shampoo. Take a bowl of hot water and add a few drops of a gentle shampoo. This solution is perfect to give the brushes a deep cleanse!


Brow powder

You don’t need to invest in a brow powder if you have an eyeshadow palette. You can always use colours like dark brown and grey to fill and shape your eyebrows.

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