How to Connect GoPro to Your Android Phone

There are a great deal of valid justifications to associate a GooPr to your telephone, and interfacing your two gadgets is an entirely basic procedure any individual who uses a GoPro will need to do. Set it up out of the case and utilize your telephone to effortlessly record, alter, or share your most recent GoPro recordings.

The most effective method to Connect GoPro to Your Android Phone

  • Download the GoPro application from the Google Play Store. Open the store and look for “GoPro” to discover the application. It’s free, yet it offers in-application buys.
  • Once the application is downloaded and introduced on your Android gadget, you’ll have to combine your GoPro camera to your gadget. Press the Mode button on the GoPro to choose the camera’s Setup menu.
  • Contingent upon the model of GoPro you have, you’ll need to choose either Pair or Connection to pair it through the GoPro application.
  • On your Android gadget, open the GoPro application. Discover your GoPro gadget on the application and tap it to combine the two together. You’ll be incited to enter the code that shows up on your GoPro’s screen.

Why Pair Android Device to GoPro?

When the two gadgets are matched together you can control the GoPro from your telephone. You’ll have the option to perceive what your GoPro sees, set it to begin and stop, and control the various modes it shoots in.

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