This Popular Optical Illusion Tells Your Age. Old Or Young? What Do You See In It?

Internet is full of surprises; it keeps coming up with something or other to amaze us at regular intervals and this time it has come up with an optical illusion photo.

It is being said that you should not believe something until you see it with your eyes but sometimes our eyes are also not able to see or understand the complete reality of the situation. In fact, if we go by the findings of a research, what we see and understand can also be dependent on our age. Sounds a little weird and this is why we will talk about it in detail:

What is optical illusion?

It is also called as visual illusion; these are photos and images which are designed in such a manner that we perceive something which is not present in reality. In other words, the signals that are sent by our eyes to the brain make us believe in something which doesn’t matches with the reality.

What is optical illusion

This optical illusion photo is going viral

This photo is named as “My Wife and My Mother-in-Law” and it is one of the most famous optical illusions of the world. A person can either see an old woman staring towards the left side or a young woman wearing a hat, whose head is turned towards the right side.

This optical illusion photo is going viral

Something about the photo

The image that you are looking at, is the most famous version of this photo which was published in an American magazine known as Puck on 6th Nov 1915. It was drawn by William Ely Hill, the British cartoonist, however, the oldest version was seen on the German postcard.

American magazine

Can’t see both of them

If you are able of seeing only one of them then let us help you a little. Look at the photo below and you will see a red arrow in the middle. If you are able to see the old woman than the arrow is pointing towards her nose which doubles up as the chin of the young woman. Now you must be able to see both the photos.

Can’t see both of them

Does it really matter what you saw first?

As far as the common public is concerned, it hardly matters to them whether they have seen the older woman first or the young woman. However, for two psychology professors from Flinders University, it is connected with the age of the person whether he sees the older woman first or the younger one.

Does it really matter what you saw first

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